resident care volunteer

Being a Resident Care Volunteer as The Well House offers the opportunity for you to help bring transformation in women's lives.  As a positive role model, you provide these women the the connections with other women who are walking with Christ.  Sometimes the women at The Well House need "one on one" attention - someone to pray with, someone to listen to their struggles or share their successes, and someone to give direction in their own walk with Christ.  The women who come to The Well House are ready to change the direction of their lives.  They are thirsty for the "living water" only Jesus can provide.  By being a Resident Care Volunteer, you can help women discover the "living water" and help them be all the Lord has created them to be. 

Volunteer description

  • Mature Christian woman who is positive, confident, excellent manners, good grooming, physically capable for duties;                   has an up-lifiting attitude, and maintains a warm, friendly atmosphere
  • Education: completed High School, or equivalent
  • Skills in:
    • Homemaking and cooking
    • Organizing and planning with smooth flow
    • Teaching, nurturing, and encouraging
    • Enforcing policies such as: phone use, visitation periods, etc.
  • Share Christian values and faith with residents
  • Lead by example
  • Lead Bible studies, devotionals, life skills, or creative groups
  • Assist residents in community appointments such as: doctor, dentist, DHS, probation